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The Historic and Symbolic Meaning Behind our Lanterns.

The Historic and Symbolic Meaning Behind our Lanterns.

Our Intricately and beautifully designed, Moroccan and Indian lanterns are made from wrought iron, brass, or other metal and stained glass. These decorative lanterns cast a beautiful glow throughout any space when you place a light in them! Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our lanterns hold a rich history, and there is plenty of symbolic meaning behind their decorative motifs. In today’s blog post from, we’ll explore the symbolic meaning behind various Moroccan and Indian lanterns!

Tree of life lantern - Medium

Tree of Life

The tree of life (also known as the tree of knowledge) is a symbol that appears in many religions and philosophies around the world.  It is symbolic of a connection between worlds, especially from the heavens, terrestrial world and underworld. In Norse mythology, the tree is associated with fertility, protection, and endurance, while in Celtic culture, it is associated with abundance and health.

Specifically to locals in Morocco however, this tree the Argan tree! The Argan tree is a marvel of nature. Found predominantly in Morocco, its twisty branches reach out across the landscape, providing much needed shade to its inhabitants.  This tree is not only culturally important to the cultures of the Berber and Arab people, but they are also important to the local environment and socio-economics.  Its fruits, which are rich in oil, are harvested by the local population to create Argan oil, a product renowned for its exceptional healing and beautifying properties. The tree has been a source of sustenance and economic stability for the people of Morocco for generations. Our Tree of Life Lantern includes the well-known symbol in a shining gold metal, along with beautiful emerald green glass.

Purple pinched-dome lantern


Interlaced knotwork is a design dating as far back as the Roman Empire as far back as the 3rd century AD. and has been used to signify a spiritual connection, the passage of time, and the connection of the physical and spiritual world. Examples of knotwork patterns can be found in Byzantine, Coptic, Celtic, Russian and as related to our lanterns - Islamic art! Being inspired by Islamic art and design, Moroccan lanterns are no stranger to these interlaced designs.

Knotwork is not only rich in symbolism and meaning, it is not limited to any one medium.  Knotwork designs can be seen not only in rope, but in different materials such as wood, fabric, leather and metal. It can also be used to signify a particular group or culture, or even to tell a story. For instance, the endless (or eternal knot) is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols featured in a number of Indian religions.  It continues to be popular today, especially as computer-generated design can easily generate new designs and connections.

Sacred Hexagon Lantern

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is an ancient system of symbols and shapes that is believed to hold divine and cosmic powers. It is a complex system of geometric shapes and symbols that has been used for centuries to represent the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. For some, it is thought to hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and unlocking our inner potential. Sacred geometry is believed to be a powerful tool for healing, transformation, and enlightenment and is considered to be a sacred language of the universe. We have several Moroccan lanterns that are a popular and beloved examples of sacred geometry. Our Flower of Life Lantern is made from 19 overlapping circles, the sacred geometry representing the building blocks of life and existence Our  Sacred Hexagon Lantern and Floral Sigil Lantern. also feature sacred geometry, specifically with six-fold symmetry, representing human being's position between the earth and the cosmos

At, we love the rich history and meaningful symbolism that makes Moroccan lanterns so beautiful. With all of the symbolism in their designs, they make a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you’re using them to bring light into your own home or as a mindful reminder of something greater, you can find a variety of styles and designs in our shop.

Browse our lanterns to find one that calls to you!

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